25 March 2007

day 4, III

8'129 character with spaces. i'll have to stop for today. the last seven lines alone took me 90 minutes to write. as they are some of the most important, i don't mind having spent so much time on them. the by far bigger problem is that i am already three quarters through the story and thus will never need 12'000 characters more. i guess i'll just finish it first an see whether there's anything else i could add. i have always tended to keep things short and simple - filling a text up to me is closer to the idea of wearing it out than anything else, really.

today i have for the first time told my mother what i am working on at the moment. she didn't say much apart from that she'd like to read the story once it's submitted. i offered she could read it as soon as it's finished, but she declined. i guess she did so because she suspected she's in it and didn't want to influence my creative process, so to speak, by giving her version of events. this means i'll have to find someone else to test-read... anyone??

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