10 May 2007

day 50

(picture taken from pictures of walls.)

yesterday night, when thinking about what to do about the novel problem, i had another idea for a prose manuscript. i drafted it roughly, named it's characters - a lot easier this time - and started writing. i'm at 421 words at the moment. style-wise, i like it much better than the last attempt already. in case i'll decide to stick with it, i'll defintiely put up a second word count, but for now i just want to see how it goes in the next couple of days. i have also made a couple of very minor changes to my new slam text. again, the text is far from funny (and thus not very likely to earn me any titles, either), but i'm looking forward to reading it on stage still. as to Die Resignation: i'm thinking about sending it in to that blauer something prose competition i told you about, in case i can't manage to come up with something newer and better until then, that is.

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