14 May 2007

yesterday's lauter niemand literary open stage was brilliant, by the way. i received mostly good criticism which, i was told, is rare there. i read my text Vom Klingeln ("Of Ringing") to around thirty people, many of whom - as i later found out - belong to berlin's inner circle of contemporary literature. amongst the people who liked my text, for example, were adrijana bohocki and florian voss. their appraisal of my work and general encouragement is really quite an honour and reassures me in my undertaking tremendously. (no man's land who held the translator's meeting last week, by the way, is an affiliate of lauter niemand.)

so far i have been really impressed with berlin. there's a great many literary events taking place all around the city. tonight there's a poetry slam at the scheinbar, which is a 60 minutes public transport ride away. i'll go and try to perform nevertheless. i'm tired and it rains and i've got a hole in my shoe, but i suppose all that doesn't count.

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