05 May 2007

looking forward to going to berlin

now that i've sent my story to fm4, i'm really looking forward to going to berlin. i hope there's no internet i can log into in the apartment i get to use. i'll really need to focus on the novel in the next couple of months and can't really use distraction. i know only a couple of people in berlin, who'll of course have to work during the days, so that's good.

pants about the fm4 competition is that the texts will be pre-selected by the editorial staff; the actual jury will only assess the twenty texts chosen by the editors. given that they anticipate 1000 stories, pre-selecting only twenty seems a little harsh.... bugga!

the next competition i want to partake in has been announced by blauer salon. they're looking for short prose, which suits me just fine. there was one more contest judged by a rather famous jury of which i've forgotten the details at the moment.

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