02 April 2007

day 12

15'457 - the first draft of the flood-story is almost finished. i think it will be by tonight.

as to the maunuscript: i have huge difficulties deciding on a name for my male protagonist. this has been a problem for weeks now, but as i really want to move the story forward, i will need to know who i'm working with. AGAIN i have been going through hundreds of names this morning and haven't really found anything i feel comfortable with. i'm considering using a "working name" (like a working title), but then i'm not sure about whether a working name will give me all information about that guy that i need. isn't a name crucial for a person's character? i'm sure you've heard all that stuff about kids given a name starting with an A are more self-confident because they get called first in kindergarten, class and all... at least i already DO have names for my female protagonist, her friend, my protagonist's flatmate and one more character. oops, now i've told you quite a bit about my story, huh?!

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