14 April 2007

day 24

has anyone actually noticed i work weekends, too?

while the novel word count to the right hasn't gone up just yet today, i've spent my forenoon translating german poetry. for the first time in years, i have also written a german poem myself. sometimes a poem just comes to me and all i need to do is to write it down. it's called nichtssagend. i haven't translated it yet, but i guess i'd call it 'notsaying' in english.

i can't wait to post another podcast. there's a couple of translations and own poems i want to get out there asap, yet since i fear a lack of material in several weeks time i don't want to use up all my recent work just now.

on a sidenote: kristin from write now is good (now linked in the english list to the right) has discovered google books' map function, which lets you find each and every location mentioned in a vast number of books. there's a german version, of it, too, but i am unaware about how many or which books are featured.

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Kumu said...

this is such a novel idea..really really nice..but will take me some time to read n catch up..