21 April 2007

day 31

my friend J will arrive from frankfurt in two hours time. i keep forgetting i'll actually be on stage tonight. i'm not (yet?) nervous about it, for at the moment i feel comfortable with both texts. it feels like professional distance jumped in the formerly very narrow space between my text and myself. i assume that's due to the high number of times i read, heard and practiced the texts. they feel almost completely detached from me now. the one thing left to do is to find the quickest way to the venue of the kiezmeisterschaft.

i'm thinking about re-writing the complete flood-story. or, more carefully worded, about producing a second version. doing so is on top of my to-do-list for monday and going to come out either great or terrible. i want to make it sound a little more ... poetic ... maybe. since ten winning texts are supposed to become a radio/ audio book, too, i'm not sure about deranging my paragraphs all too much. i guess i'll just see how things go on monday and what comes out of it. in case re-writing won't work, i'll just hand in a third draft of the first version.

(picture taken from kiezmeisterschaft.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Annina, Dein Text hat mir (wie gestern schon gesagt) sehr gut gefallen. Cool, wenn Du mal wieder zur Kiezmeisterschaft kommst, sobald Du wieder in MUC bist. Über unsere Website kannst Du die Termine ja einfach abchecken.
Viele Grüße :)