25 April 2007


i SO have seen enough of my laptop, i'm starting to think i can't take another five minutes. maybe i've somehow overdone it. as much as i love writing, i'm starting to hate sitting in front of that screen every day, usually more than twelve hours. god knows what i'm doing with all my time, since the word count doesn't go up much (well, you've sure heard that)... but then there's the networking, the research, the email writing, the homepages of interest, the translating, the maintaining of blogs, podcast page and - beware - crappy myspaces. there's arranging of planes and trains and eating and shopping groceries and drinks and there's the phone that rings and rings... and the thinking, of course, of making these last lines that sound like accidental rhymes a slam text. ha! the slam-thing has totally and absolutely unexpectedly gotten hold of me. now that i know that spoken word doesn't only exist, but that i can actually partake in it, creating performances suddenly seems a lot more interesting than writing a book. i write "suddenly" when it's not all that sudden, really. i have always stressed that my poems are to be read out loud or listened to rather than just read quietly and that it's all about the rhythm that my tongue beats when it recites my poems. i just never knew there was an audience interested in listening to what i wrote. writing a book seemed the only logical conclusion as i knew for sure there are people who like to read. well, things have changed, and now writing a book appears to be somewhat futile. i bet this is just 'cause i've seen so much of my laptop lately. i'm looking forward to the next four days that will be mostly traveling and meeting people.

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broadwaybabe said...

i feel the same about my own stuff