15 April 2007

day 25

writing is going rather slowly today. i try not to mind.

it's funny how not re-reading older passages may lead to logical errors in the text. unaware that one of my protagonists drank beer in one scene, i put ice cubes in his mouth in the next. clearly, that didn't work. instead now, he chews his food with his mouth wide open. i think i'll incorporate the ice cube munching somewhere later in the story.

just now a huge black fly flew through the window. yuck, how i hate these.

yesterday evening, before going out, i spoke to my friend N, who frequents poetry slams in her current hometown, the city of hamburg. i read Die Resignation to her over the phone. she liked it a lot, too, and appraised it very good for a performance on stage. that's great. pauline füg (pictured) recommended i learn it by heart, but chances are i'll just be too nervous and make too many mistakes if i won't read it out. together with my flatmate and her boyfriend, J from frankfurt will accompany me to the venue. it'll be good not having to go there by myself. i've been thinking about what to wear, too, but i guess i'll simply go with my usual black top. should the performance still go awry, i'll just remind myself of the fact that before long, i'll be off to berlin. my flight's booked, my accommodation's arranged and my curiosity roused.

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