13 April 2007

day 23

outside is the most beautiful weather. i've been inside, typing along on my keyboard. 1000 words a day, it suddenly seems, are achievable. i'm a little surprised, for writing the flood story that consists of 2'743 words took me a little over a week. however, i have vowed not to re-read any parts of the manuscript written until it is finished UNLESS i have to add something in benefit of the story at a later point. currently i'm in the lower section of my fifth page. if i keep writing at that pace, you already guessed it, i will have my 40'000 words by the end of may. that would be awesome. as i have written 10 out of 79 beats already, i'm not sure 79 will suffice. then again, most of them differ considerably in content and length, with the shortest one making 1 line and the longest one 31 lines so far. we'll see, i just don't want to stress myself out about this.

the index cards i bought a couple of weeks ago, by the way, lie unused. i wonder what made me think i would adopt a style of working that has never ever appealed to me before.

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