18 April 2007

day 28

after yet another good talk with an old friend i was up until 3 am this morning editing and recording gewissensbisse. M, who's a musician, has considerably more experience with stage performances than i do. his point was that no band enters a stage playing their most depressing song. accordingly, his advice was to choose the text of the performance dependent on the mood of the audience, what they'll have heard so far and the specific point of time of my turn. thus, in order to have a choice at all, i needed to extend gewissensbisse and i think it's become pretty good and entertaining. at the moment, gewissensbisse is my favorite. i have this tendency to always like my newer work better than my older stuff, so i'm not sure about which text is actually better... probably still Die Resignation, but i've decided to leave the final decision about which text to perform open until saturday.

as you might have noticed, i will attend a second poetry slam in freiburg/ germany next week. it takes place at the café atlantik, a quirky venue that offers huge plates of spaghetti for 3,50€, if i remember correctly. pauline füg will perform there, too.

besides improving gewissensbisse, i have cultivated the market of american publications a little. hopefully some of them will check WORDS ON A WATCH out and like what they see. as of now, i guess i'll go to sleep for a while. i'm still tired from all the staying up late lately. later tonight i intend to get the novel word count up some more. [did anyone notice the late lately later row? help!]

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