17 April 2007


turns out ken read, listened to and liked my interpretation of his poem. i'm delighted!

finally, i have also found a way to make use of the fresh pile of index cards i told you about: i use them as memos, instead of post-it's. for that they come in very handy. they don't coil up or stick to places and are usable from both sides. for example, i started a list of neat words i want to use sometime soon. like zementiert, cemented, or waffenbruder, brother in arms... great, huh?

what i have also wanted to post for a while, but always neglected, is the link to switch - the mac OS X freeware that enables me to convert the .amr audio files my phone produces into more podcasting-friendly .mp3 files. another useful OS X freeware i can recommend would be typetrainer. (note to self: practice the touch system more often!)

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