17 April 2007

day 27

in a sudden fit of insecurity, i thought i needed an alternative to Die Resignation, the text i plan on performing at the kiezmeisterschaft and wrote Gewissensbisse, remorse. Gewissensbisse is less than half Die Resignation's length, but considerably more funny. still, when i read it to my friends N and G, both urged my to stick to Die Resignation. albeit both of them liked it, they understood it was less personal and thus appraised it less deep. i suppose they're right and that Gewissensbisse makes a good text for somewhere else, some other time.

while performing Die Resignation will downright kill me, i hope by doing so i will learn to transcend whatever opinion other people have of me. it doesn't matter who they think i should be, what exactly i should express or rather keep to myself and what i'm supposed to refrain from. really, i should just stop to care.

the novel is coming along ok. as you can see to the right, the word count has gone up a little. indeed slower than i would like it to, but i like Gewissensbisse and think it was worth spending an afternoon's time on it.

with regard to the flood story, i suppose i'll have to re-write parts of it. while it's not bad, i feel especially the second part is missing atmosphere. my friend F, whom i consult with regards to my writing every now and then, thought the same. it was him who urged me to try and re-write it and just see what comes of that. i know he's right and will start doing so first thing tomorrow morning. i'll have to keep in view the contest's deadline, 11 may. while editing is important, it'd be a shame to miss the deadline just because of pottering about details.

also, i'll have to start thinking about upcoming writing competitions i want to partake in. i have pre-selected three whose entry deadlines are mid-june, mid-july and mid-august respectively. what is more, i really enjoyed writing Gewissensbisse and thus am thinking of writing a couple of more pieces suitable for stage performances - i guess i'll just have to see how comfortable i'll feel being on stage this saturday.

(picture taken from postsecret.)

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