15 April 2007


in an attempt to cover my lack of ideas for the story today, i registered with junge literatur. it's a forum that aims at promoting and providing a meeting place for young authors by letting them upload their own texts and poetry. to my immediate pleasure, i was greeted with a number of very good valuations for two english poems of mine. people especially seemed to like escort, which is one of my favorites, too. i wrote it back in 2005 in malaysia and didn't like it at all at first. at the time i wasn't sleeping in days and felt i was truly bordering insanity. quite simply, i felt i needed an escort. people who have read it have told me it had a very erotic tone to it, which i absolutely wasn't aware of when i wrote it. these days i know what they mean, though, and am happy with the poem's plentitude.


of all things being
let me stroke your hair
on meadowy hills
let me ride your ponial fur
until silent night breaks
and growling valleys gulp bawling lakes
let me reach for your thick, flowing mane
whilst we scud through shambles
of all things sane.

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