04 April 2007


excluding breaks, i've been working at the novel's storyboard for seven hours now. things are going well. i have been assembling it on excel, which i have gotten to like. i'm at scene #8 right now and have a rough imagery of 35 beats. (beats, as defined by robert mcKee, are smallish actions that bring forward the story, if i remember correctly. for example: X watches a movie when the doorbell rings. X gets up and opens the door.) a movie would require around 60 scenes, but as i'm writing a book and not a film i will definitely write less. as yet, i'm thinking of 9 acts altogether, of which i have very roughly outlined four today.

as i'm a very visual person, imagining my story as a movie helps to get it right, i believe.... plus: it's fun! but as much as i'd like to keep working, my eyes burn and i'm getting nervous for no reason - i assume it's time for a break.

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