22 April 2007

been there, done that, got the button

check rayl's blog for a summary of the kiezmeisterschaft evening.

or see comment of sacha @ day 31 below.

when a wicked migraine hit me around 4.30 pm yesterday afternoon, i briefly feared for my performance in the evening. as many times before, though, two thomapyrin tablets saved my presence. after a warm welcome by rayl, i got on stage around ... not sure what time it was. must have been around 10 pm. together with a couple of previous kiez-champions, i was reciting in the second set. instead of Die Resignation, i opted for my text Gewissensbisse, which i believe was a good choice. J filmed my performance with her digital camera and will send the clip to me in the next couple of weeks. depending on how well i come across, i might even post it at youtube or so. we'll see.

including myself, 12 poets lined up. as the winner of the first jury-judged round received 27 points and i received 23, i'm content. i didn't reach the finale, but for a first performance, i think the rating i received is pretty good. also, me and marius were the only non-locals participating - everybody else knew the venue and its crew. all in all, it was a great evening and i thank my entourage of friends (aaaaw, how nice sounds that??) for coming along a zillion times!

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