07 April 2007

a bold venture: the kiezmeisterschaft

(taken from pictures of walls)

while browsing the sites of german poetry slammers nora gomringer and ken yamamoto i came across westend ist kiez, a munich based community who holds a monthly poetry slam competition. the next one will take place on april 21st and i think i might partake. you're supposed to perform a short poetry or prose text no longer than five minutes. there's a five person jury who judges your performance and awards the winner € 50. i expect quite a few "pros" to compete, so there's probably no chance of winning. but as i've never done anything like it before (i've never even thought of myself as a stage performer), i suppose the event will afford an opportunity to meet likeminded people. obviously, i'll have to practice quite a bit beforehand, for as i don't mind giving a businesslike speech or presentation in front of people, the sole thought of reading word art to a discerning audience sends shivers down my spine. then again: this is my new business, isn't it? it shall be interesting to get immediate reactions on one of my texts from a wider public, though. i have a feeling this could really be fun!

in case you'd like to come, hear and watch: the cover charge amounts to 4 €. in case you'd like to get on stage and read yourself, entrance is free.

as a treat, here's a sample of fine american slamming.

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